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Here at Leaps and Bounds Therapy, we believe in intervening early because having awareness and understanding of your child’s movements is key. For a parent or pediatrician that is concerned about any areas of development or sees any possible red flags, this should serve as a catalyst for prompting an evaluation to confirm if your child is on the right path. It is always better to be proactive than retroactive.

Physical therapy will never hurt. And at the bare minimum, we will always be able to assess your child and answer any questions you may have even if ongoing services are not recommended. We will not waste your time. Understanding your child’s physical development is important and this is an area that a pediatric physical therapist can guide you.

We look at the quality of movement in addition to functionality. Waiting and seeing if  your child’s gross motor development catches up, or quality improves is an outdated and risky way to navigate atypical developmental patterns in physical development. Delays in mobility and gross motor function can also cause delays in other areas of development down the road.

How can Leaps and Bounds Therapy help?

Our job is to be able to investigate and explain why your baby or child is not moving the way one would expect to see and establish a plan of care with you on next steps. All therapy is play based with motivating props used while promoting areas of difficulty. Based on your child’s age and interests, we use nursery rhymes, rattles, finger puppets, toys, mirrors, books, couch cushions, container play, obstacle courses, etc to name a few items. And we make it easy by coming to you where your baby and child is most comfortable with their caregiver present.

If you have any concerns with your baby or child’s development, or if you just want to be proactive with understanding your newborn or child’s movements, give us a call. It is okay to contact us even before your child’s pediatrician brings up any concern. While you DO need a doctor’s referral for insurance purposes, Illinois is direct access which means you can come directly to us.  We can help you to obtain a doctor’s prescription if you are unable to get one before the first visit.

To schedule an initial evaluation, please click here.