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Leaps and Bounds Physical Therapy Testimonials

“Aneri helped us accomplish the simplest tasks from teaching our child to turn their head from side to side, to stretching and muscle building, to accomplishing supported and eventually independent first steps we were told time and again our child would not be capable of ever taking. Our child continues to defy all odds and we give Aneri so much credit for providing such a strong foundation of support. Aneri was not only amazing therapist, but a powerful advocate, sounding board, and friend. Our child is five now and we will forever consider her family.”
— AW

“Erin was extremely helpful showing us ways to help our son’s progress and doing activities with him that I didn’t like doing because it made him frustrated. I can’t stay enough about how supported the program made us feel, and Erin was absolutely lovely and such a pro. She has my unending gratitude.”
— AW

“At 14 months my daughter was still not pulling to stand or showing any interest in bearing weight in her lower body. As a parent, the anxiety you feel when your child is not reaching a developmental milestone can be all consuming. Aneri is wonderful at providing answers, comfort and solutions for your child’s progress. Her work with my daughter was all play based and my daughter would light-up when she knew it was “playtime with Aneri”. Aneri was so helpful in giving me feedback on how I can help, without over helping my child. She gives thoughtful exercises that we can do that are still part of normal family activity and playtime. Our daughter made huge strides while working with Aneri. We saw her learn to stand, crawl and walk, and more importantly we saw her joy, pride and confidence bloom. We are so grateful for Aneri’s dedication, energy and creativity. Even now that my daughter no longer requires regular PT, Aneri remains an invaluable resource for us. She cares deeply for her clients and is highly committed to every child’s success. ”
— MO

“Aneri is an exceptional therapist! She has a great rapport with children of all ages, from infants to school-aged kids. Aneri consistently makes a sincere effort to meet a family where they are in the therapeutic process and suggests appropriate accommodations and recommendations based on her many years of experience. She often makes observations about motor skills that I am positive other physical therapists overlook, and she is able to convert her observations into explanations that both other therapists and families can understand. One of her best qualities is her personality! She is kind and thoughtful and a true team player. Aneri collaborates with others effortlessly, and it is no surprise why so many therapists (and families!) enjoy working with her. She is a true joy to be around! Aneri is a rare combination of a highly-professional woman who makes her very complex and difficult work appear fun and easy, and any family would be lucky to have her”
— Speech Therapist

“Anne is such an incredible Physical Therapist and I feel fortunate she worked with our young daughter. She is compassionate and knowledgeable and has a warm demeanor. She always arrived with a smile on her face and checked in to see how the week went. Anne consistently went above and beyond, collaborating with our pediatrician, providing recommendations on footwear, toys, and activities to facilitate gross motor development. It is clear that Anne cares greatly about not only the kids she works with but the families as well. Anne was such a huge support to us and we are lucky to have found her after negative experiences elsewhere. Our daughter thrived under her care.”
– JK