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We can all agree that since 2020, everyone has been living in unchartered waters and taking things a day at a time. In order to provide consistency, reliability and safety to our clients and their families, we have been taking extra precaution when it comes to COVID-19 safety.

We are offering in home, in daycare and in school physical therapy to our pediatric population, while adhering to CDC guidelines: as we practice proper hand washing hygiene, mask wearing and ask parents, caregivers, teachers to do the same during our physical therapy sessions.

We are also offering telehealth services to families who are interested in pursuing this route of therapy. This has been a proven and effective way to receive physical therapy services, empowering caregivers to understand their child’s development, all while staying safe. We believe in parent coaching, using props as necessary, digital tools, and the power of education.

While many insurance plans cover telehealth services, we have recently found that some are not. If this is the case, do not fret, as we have out of pocket rates for those interested. Please be sure contact us to set up an evaluation.

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